May 26th GDPR and Privacy update.

We've just updated our Privacy policy to reflect new EU changes.
No information will be shared with any 3rd parties unless needed for domain registration and payment gateways.
We also never process any billing information as we rely on safe and reliable payment gateways like Paypal and Stripe.

Oct 17th WHM/cPanel update to 68.0.4

All cPanel servers updated to latest 68.0.4. A reboot is required, it will occur at 9pm (EST) today. Thanks


Aug 12th MariaDB 10.2

All servers were updated to MariaDB 10.2!

May 19th New status page!

We have changed our status page! Please visit

Nov 9th Quick systems reboot!

All nodes and servers will be rebooted. 5 - 10mins downtime max.

Jul 18th cPanel 58.x

All Linux servers are now running cPanel version 58.x.

AutoSSL is now here! Addon domains convert and more, check out

s usual if you have any questions, please let us know!

Feb 20th MariaDB 10.1 + config fine tuning

We finalized the migration to MariaDB10.1 on all servers.While we were playing with SQL, we also decided to do a fine tuning on each server to the configuration file.We should see a great improvement when servers hits 2k+ request per second and we cached much more in RAM for faster delivery.If you have any questions, feel free to open a support ... Read More »

Feb 6th Customer portal ( maintenance

We are doing a maintenance of the billing system. The system will be back sunday.
For any requests please email us at

Nov 9th nucleus upgrade - Canada server

Now running a Xeon-D 1540 with DDR4 and 10Gbps network. Upgrade was successful and downtime took less than 20 minutes.
Thanks for your patience!

Aug 15th New hosting location: LA! & New client portal design

With the latest update of our billing system we had to change the theme. The new theme is based on stock bootstrap and is fully mobile ready!

We will also add a new location to our linux web hosting service, the new server is located in Los Angeles! Stay tuned!

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